Has the Xbox 360 scratched your discs?

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“An unsealed document in a Washington lawsuit filed last week at Seattle, Microsoft was well aware that the Xbox 360 was prone to damaging game discs even before the console was introduced in November 2005. Microsoft had three solutions for solving the issue, but all three solutions were rejected due to technical concerns or on the basis of cost. Microsoft settled on a cost-free fourth solution: a warning was added to Xbox 360 manual, which essentially placed the blame on users instead of the hardware.” via StupidStuff

It’s being widely reported at the moment that Microsoft has always known the 360’s capacity to scratch discs, but deduced it to be cheaper to replace discs as and when they were scratched. Should the class action lawsuit be successful that most certainly will not be the case, but is it justified? Has your 360 ever scratched any of your discs?

I’ve suffered one major scratch incident, and one minor thus far. The major happened to be on my first Call of Duty 4 disc and I can assure you much panic ensued. Aside from the odd map being unreadable from time-to-time, the disc read OK for the most part. Regardless, I replaced it eventually, at my own expense. I lay the blame of my scratchy DVD drive on the fact that I’d had the DVD drive replaced a few months previous due to the always pleasant RROD, turns out that may not be the case after all.

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